“Them” – a poem

In the beginning, They took your Responsibility.

They embraced the narrative that you needed Their firm controlling hand for your education and protection. So They did everything for you yet punished you for erring.

Now, you feel unfairly treated and blame Fate for your misfortune.


Then, They took your Curiosity. 

Your explorations and experiments were inconvenient and emotionally provocative. So They trained you to be ashamed of confusion.

Now, you avoid the unfamiliar and pretend to know.


Then, They took your courage.

Your boldness was a threat to their authority. So They frightened you into believing that comfort was safe and freedom was dangerous.

Now, you hesitate at even the slightest anticipation of hardship.


Then, They took your honesty.

The truth disturbs Their peace and hurts Their ears. So They programmed you with politeness, professionalism, appropriateness and pleasing.

Now, you focus entirely on presenting an impression that receives approval.


Then, They took your acceptance.

Peace and contentment threaten productivity. So They agitated you into competition and addiction.

Now, your urges and wants relentlessly push “enough” all the way out to the horizon.


Finally, They took your respect.

Cooperation reduces conflict, which is required to create demand for Their political leadership. So They tricked you into shame and apathy.

Now, you rage against yourself and others with equal fervor.


With your core values suppressed, you had no compass. You were lost in the void. And waiting, as vultures wait to pick the corpse of the dehydrated man, in the void They found you.


And, with much gratitude, you gave your life to Them.


But eventually, They all died. You did not notice this happen, because you feel Their presence at all times. Somehow, They remain. 


This impossibility can only be explained by the simple truth:


They are inside of you.


And now, fully trained, fully indoctrinated, fully possessed, and eager to rid yourself of the nagging doubt that you might have fucked up your life, you yearn to mold others to be like yourself and validate your existence.


To the next generation, You are Them.

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