The true meaning of being ghosted

In the modern dating world, “ghosting” is becoming a prevalent problem.

If you don’t already know, ghosting is where somebody quietly quits on you: they stop contacting you, they don’t get back to you, or they put you off with vague kick it down the road type responses, until you eventually cotton on that they’re not actually interested in you.

Basically, they refuse to tell you directly that they’re not keen.

Rather than me give you advice on how to deal with ghosting – as in how to turn someone around- the key thing I want you to understand here is the powerlessness in allowing someone else to decide whether this relationship moves forward.

What you should see ghosting or a lack of enthusiasm as is a deal-breaker for you.

You should be ending it when somebody starts treating you like this.

Rather than trying to follow someone up and seduce them into getting back to you, or chasing potential clients with discounts to win them over, tell them, “Look because I haven’t heard from you for this amount of time, I’m going to assume you’re not keen so I’m ending things.”

It’ll make you feel so much more powerful.

And, if you take on this kind of “Be direct with me or I’m out” attitude, you become much more attractive anyway! You’ll notice the ghosting reduces to zero when you become the kind of person who doesn’t tolerate it and doesn’t wait on other people to move forward.

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  1. If you’re getting ghosted regularly, then you’re probably either meeting the wrong people or not setting boundaries in early interactions

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