The true meaning and definition of “busy”

A lot of people talk about being “busy” as if it’s something that happens to them, like all these tasks just drop out of the fucking sky and take up your day.

And that is how a lot of people feel. They’re waiting for their own to-do list to give them a break… as if they didn’t create that list themselves.

The truth is it takes very little effort to actually survive. I figured out that if you were willing to take an average, no-frills life, you’d only need to do about 1-4 hours of necessary activity per day to make it to tomorrow.

Most of the actions you take during the day are optional (16+ hours’ worth!).

You don’t have to answer the phone just because it rings. You don’t have to check emails every hour. You don’t have to suddenly do a task just because your boss indicated they would prefer it. You don’t have to clean up just because some mess caught your attention made you feel uncomfortable.

Your real problem is that you’re people pleasing… to yourself!

Nearly every time you get an idea about something you also feel that you must do it, so you act on that urge. You treat every idea or opportunity or pressure from someone else as commands that must be obeyed.

These things aren’t happening to you. You’re choosing them.

If this was another person giving you instructions, it would be like you just dropped tools and did anything as soon as they asked. You’re like this with your own mind.

You have a problem with being assertive and ruthless with yourself.

The simple fact is you could say No to almost every urge you have and your life would be fine… better even!

Try this: Every time an idea comes into your head, before you act on it, write it down on a piece of paper and ask yourself, “Is this more important than what I originally had planned?”

If it is, then do it and discard something else on the list. If it isn’t, then discard the new idea or put it off to another day when you’re bored with free time.

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  1. Another way to look at it is being “disciplined” simply means saying No is your default response to new ideas and requests, not Yes

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