The Top 12 Books About Self Confidence in 2023

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As a confidence coach who’s rebuilt his self-confidence from being a Nice Guy and a people-pleaser, I have to give credit to the main source of my rehabilitation: non fiction books. I’ve read dozens of self-development books over the last 10 years or more, and when it comes to books about integrity confidence – this list is a best of the best for a few reasons.

Firstly, they were captivating and well written so that I was able to read the book cover to cover without losing interest. Secondly, they prompted me to take immediate practical actions that had a BIG impact on growing my skills and confidence. Thirdly, the principles they teach align with scientific findings and established philosophy regarding the development of self-worth and confidence. And lastly, when I recommend these to other people, they frequently reported having good results as well.

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