“The system” has lied to you

Do you believe any of these things?
– Women are better at multitasking than men
– The world is basically a sphere
– Carrots help you see in the dark
– Artistic pursuits aren’t a financially safe career path
It can be hard to comprehend, but most of what we believe is total bullshit! Why? Because nearly everyone who’s ever told you how to live or what is true has been either consciously lying (manipulation for their own gains) or unconsciously untruthful (misinformed).
Basically, everyone is full of shit!
– No one is good at multitasking (
– The earth is slightly elliptical, not perfectly round, and changes shape over time (
– Carrots do a little for your vision, but this night-vision idea was a myth created as a war tactic to hide the invention of radar detection (
– The highest paid people in the world are artists and thanks to youtube etc it’s never been easier to get paid for artistic pursuits
And most of your beliefs about what it means to be a good person, what’s true about the nature of reality, and pretty everything else have been formed by information received from others. You’ve done very little scientific research yourself, probably none at all, and instead have allowed yourself to be convinced by others.
We all have.

Parents, peers, teachers, politicians, media… everybody is basically full of shit, and you need to be very wary of where your beliefs come from.

Inspired by listening to Rage Against the Machine

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