The Struggle of Being Honest in a Dishonest World

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy

As you work on becoming a more honest and confident person, you’ll start to realise how full of shit most people are. You may even become frustrated or depressed with the low level of integrity that you find yourself surrounded by. This video is about coping with having to be the most honest person in the room.

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Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form:

  • The Naked Truth, his latest release, shows you how radical honesty builds self-confidence and relationships
  • Nothing to Lose explores how to build confidence from the inside by correcting the programming in your brain
  • The Legendary Life is a very practical, action-focused guide on how to plan and execute a life plan that brings you your ideal lifestyle

Online courses

Dan continues to put out high quality online self-paced courses through the Udemy platform

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