The social connection opportunity you miss every day

Pretty much every day, most of us miss an easy opportunity to create a deep connection with somebody. It goes right past our noses and we don’t even see it.

And that opportunity is when somebody asks you, “How’s it going?”

You know, that standard throw-away polite thing that people say, usually at the beginning of the day in the office or whatever.

Someone just says, How’s it going? or How are you today?

And most of us answer with bullshit. We say good, fine, okay, blah blah blah.

We even lie when people close to us ask the question, like our friends, parents and partners. We think this question is not really meant to be answered, like it’s just a meaningless greeting sound that we make towards each other to keep the peace or something.

I can tell you from experience, and from the stories my clients have told me, if you were to start answering that question honestly, the quality of your connections would skyrocket within the next few months.

If every time somebody said, How’s it going? and you told them how it’s actually going, you’re going to create real connections.

Yeah, some people won’t respond well. They didn’t really want a genuine answer, or they’re uncomfortable with intimacy. Fine. Don’t bother with those people.

But a few people will seize the opportunity you’ve created to share with you as well, and then magic can happen

Try it and see if I’m wrong.

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  1. You’ll be afraid of “oversharing”, but just share ONE short thing (vulnerably) and then go silent, and you’re all good

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