The Powerful Question That Overcomes Fear

The most common and discouraging questions you’ll ask yourself about any of your goals is, What if it doesn’t work? or, What if it goes wrong?

These types of questions appear to be rational, a consideration of reasonable risks, but actually they come from your irrational fears, i.e. fears that do not align with any genuine danger.

These questions are part of a strategic manipulation designed to stop you moving forward.

Most people seem to believe that fear is about safety. But that’s not quite the case. Your fear wants you to stay the same. More than anything, it wants familiarity, even if that’s dangerous for your long term future.

Fear doesn’t care about long term consequences, it only cares about feeling safe and familiar right now.

And one of the ways that it discourages you is it pretends to care about the future, using questions to trick you into imagining a thousand horrible potential outcomes.

None of these predictions are based in wisdom or experience (if you were an expert in this particular endeavour then you wouldn’t be afraid).

But here’s a question you need to ask yourself, especially when you’re continually failing to do the thing you know is right for you:

What happens if I don’t do it?

And just answer that question honestly. Look at the likely pros and cons projected into the long-term future. Play out the domino-effect consequences of you continually avoiding this action over time. See how that makes you feel.

Even if you want to assess risks, this the only question you need to ask.

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