The most dangerous time in a Hermit crab’s life

The most dangerous time in a hermit crab’s life is when he has to find himself a new shell.

See, hermit crabs don’t grow their own shell. They borrow crab shells and other objects to use as protection. When they outgrow their current home, they have to switch or they risk squishing themselves.

In that moment, where they line up the two shells, their old one and the new one, and they dart from one to the other, is when they’re most likely to be eaten.

This sensation is what prevents a lot of people from making a massive change.

Whether it’s changing your career, even just your job, or finding a new partner, or moving to another city, you will get a sense of being a beginner again, of being vulnerable, weak, rusty, or childlike.

It’s that sense that you’re going to have no shell for a while. And it’s true, you won’t, because you’re going to be new, unfamiliar vulnerable, and sensitive. There’s no way to feel certain about something you’ve got little to no experience in!

But the only way you’re going to be able to grow, as cheesy as that sounds, is if you get a bigger shell. Big changes are a necessary part of living well. So you have to accept that there will always be those vulnerable transition phases occurring periodically throughout your life.

If you feel vulnerable with something new and unfamiliar, that’s completely normal. And if you never feel this way, you’re probably stagnating.

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  1. One way to reduce the fear feeling is to keep most things the same when you change everything else, e.g. keep the same morning routine when you get a new job

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