The Integrity Army: Group coaching with Dan Munro!

I’m now running a monthly LIVE group-coaching session that are free, but exclusive to my Daily Dose of Integrity paid subscribers (and my current coaching clients).

In these sessions, you can either participate in or just observe HOT SEAT COACHING – this is where I coach people 1:1 in front of the rest of the group.


We cover all topics

  • creating a more fulfilling, respectful and honest relationship with your partner
  • discovering your Core Values to create a compass that gives you certainty in all your decisions
  • building a social circle and dating life without pretending to be someone you’re not
  • developing your career to ensure it’s exciting, satisfying, and suited to your passions and preferences
  • increasing your self confidence and integrity by revealing the psychological hacks to courage, responsibility and self-respect
  • learning to identify and manage manipulation from other people so that you can’t be hurt by bullies and narcissists
  • and so much more!


Watch Andrew get coached through his fear of confrontation here:

Scroll down for more samples from the group coaching!


Join in the next session here!

Join the mailing list and sign up to the paid option if you’re keen to attend, and I’ll send you the Zoom link and password.

Hope to see you there!


The Shortest Path

The key is a focused style of coaching I call The Shortest Path. Each person is challenged to identify a specific issue they want resolved as well as WHY they think this is important. We then explore both of these to figure out the next best move a person can take to improve their lives.

This shit is SUPER powerful. Just check out these testimonial reviews to see what its like.

The sessions occur at different times/days each month to ensure people from all over the world get a chance at joining live. If you’re keen to attend the next one but aren’t available, you can also request to get the recording of the session, and/or send through a question you’d like answered (only if there’s time after the coaching sessions are completed).

Of course, this is partly to promote my 1:1 paid coaching service, but there are no sales pitches or anything like that. I just coach everyone like they’re already a paying client.

If you’re keen to check it out, the next session time is below…


The next session is (check your timezone carefully):

Thurs 23 May 2024, 9pm Central European Time

  • Fri 24 May, 7am New Zealand Time
  • Fri 24 May, 5am Sydney Time
  • Thurs 23 May, 3pm EST
  • Thurs 23 May, 12pm PST


More samples

How do I confront my father about my childhood?

How do I focus myself creatively?

Do high standards prevent me from forming friendships?

What’s the difference between support and fixing?

Join in the next session here!

Join the mailing list if you’re keen to attend, and I’ll send you the Zoom link and password.

Hope to see you there!


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