The First Mistake You Make Going Into A Relationship


If you haven’t yet, you need to subscribe to Ean Floyd’s podcast, Love and Sensibility.

In his first episode, he interviewed me about authenticity. Ean and I wanted to clear up the biggest mistake we see people make when they start a new relationship: faking it!

Let me be clear; I am NOT a relationship expert.

What I specialise in is making life more successful through authentic strategies, i.e. just being yourself. I know without any doubt that this is the most enjoyable way to live.

Therefore, when starting a new relationship or friendship, I only start with honesty. It wasn’t always this way. I used to wait YEARS before showing people the Real Me. I had a subconscious fear of abandonment that I didn’t even want to admit to myself. Authenticity and honesty were the tools I used to eventually overcome this fear.

Now all relationships in my life are built on solid foundations of honesty and integrity.

Click here to listen the the podcast interview.

In this interview we discuss:

– why being fake to impress someone always backfires

– the benefits of starting out honest

– understanding why being dishonest brings low quality people into your life.

This and much more, including some wild tales from my time rehabilitating psychopaths (well, trying to anyway).

Ean Floyd is a seasoned interviewer with multiple podcasts under his belt. His latest work is all about helping people create deeper, more relaxed and enjoyable connections with others. Learn from a guy with experience and his wise guests (and me).

Check it out here

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