The “Drop In” Life Planning Exercise

The “Drop In” technique is a simple exercise I made up to help you figure out what you would do with your life if you weren’t held back by fear, previous obligations, and whatever programmed identity you’ve been clinging to.

It’s pretty simple: how it works is you imagine that you’ve literally just been dropped into this life, right now.

Your Consciousness, your soul, whatever you want to believe it is, it’s just suddenly been dropped into the body that you’re in right now and the life that you’re experiencing.

But imagine that you have complete autonomy.

You are not prescribed to anything that’s previously happened in this life. Whatever contracts he/she signed, or promises made, or rules followed – you’re off the hook, none of these apply to you because you just showed up!

Just because this past person made a mess doesn’t mean you have to get dirty.

So any obligations they had, any fears they had, any self-loathing they had, any limiting beliefs they had… that’s all gone.

And you get to decide what happens with the rest of the life, as if you’ve taken over writing a book at the halfway mark but the publisher has confirmed you don’t even need to relate to the rest of the story unless you really want to.

This means you’re free to change your job, move to another country, completely replace your friends, cut your hair, speak another language, let go of your religion (or pick up a new one), get tattoos removed, and most importantly, you don’t have to be anything you’ve been before in terms of personality or identity.

And of course, you can keep anything you like as well, just so long as it makes sense to a life free from obligation, people pleasing, and low self confidence.

You’re completely free to start over.

Get out a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you would do if you were just dropped into this life without that debt you feel your past has placed you in, to give you a sense of where you should be going in life.

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