The Connection Between Honesty, Integrity and Self-Confidence

In this video, I hope to help clarify what the terms confidence, integrity and honesty mean so that you’re better able to live by them.

Building self-confidence is about understanding what it means to live with integrity. Honesty, perhaps the most important core value of all, is the key that unlocks your integrity so you can grow your self-esteem through simple acts of truthfulness.

As part of the release of my new book The Naked Truth (available on Amazon), I was asked by a reader: what is the difference between integrity and honesty?

When it comes to trying to discover how to be more confident and build self-esteem as part of your personal growth journey, ethics, core values, morality and integrity are concepts that will come up for deeper exploration.

One of the great secrets to building confidence is that it’s actually incredibly simple; however, its uncomfortable and not easy to push yourself into doing. It’s as simple as being more honest, and as difficult!

People with social anxiety often breach their own values and lack integrity by being dishonest as part of a strategy to fit in, avoid confrontation and be liked by others. They often fail to see that this very strategy is in fact the cause of their self-worth issues.

In my work as a confidence coach, particularly dealing with men who have mental health issues, I see people pleasing and Nice Guy Syndrome often leading men away staying in alignment with their personal integrity, and trying to be seen as a good person instead of actually being one.

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