How to stop People Pleasing [The Art of Charm Podcast]


It starts with taking responsibility.

It was a huge honour for me to be invited onto the phenomenal podcast The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger. Together we dived into the concept of trying to please others and why it’s so damn unhealthy.

“Ultimately what defines a people pleaser is that their self-worth is attached to things external them, to results and things outside of their control.”

Click here to listen to the interview:


The Cheat Sheet:

  • What is a covert contract, and do you have one?
  • What keeps most people stuck in their behavior patterns?
  • Why expectations cause so many problems, and what to do about it.
  • The truth about positive affirmations, and why they don’t work.
  • What are the two types of people pleasers?
  • And so much more…

Have you ever thought you were a people pleaser and wanted to NOT be one? Or have you simply wanted to be more “you” with other people? If you answered yes to either of those questions then this interview I did with the legendary Jordan Harbinger is perfect for you.

We talked about how to stop people pleasing, why it’s way more attractive to women when you aren’t a pushover, why expectations are a setup for failure and so much more on the 358th edition of The Art of Charm.

Click here to listen to the interview:


Hope you enjoy!


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