The 5 questions I always get asked

Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions I get as a coach. I’ve challenged myself to try answer these in a single sentence! Not really possible, but gotta post something today, right?
1) How do I stop being so jealous of my partner’s sexual history?
Realise that jealousy is actually a surface-level reaction to deeper core issues around control and fear of abandonment, and that this issue is not about sex, it’s about resolving your sense of unworthiness as a partner and as a person in general.
2) How do I deal with resistance from someone I’m trying to help?
By moving away from trying to make them do something (a.k.a. “fixing”) into trying to support them to figure out what they should do for themselves, usually by asking them what they think the solution should be and encouraging them to try it.
3) Should I leave my partner if I’m attracted to someone else?
Probably not – your decision to stay or leave a partner should be solely based on how you feel about your partner, they way the treat you, and the relationship as a whole, so decisions about being with another person shouldn’t be made until after you’re single again.
4) What’s wrong with being nice / being a people pleaser?
It’s manipulative, selfish, codependent, enabling of poor attachment styles, dishonest, disrespectful of yourself, judgmental of others (thinking they need you to manage their emotions), cowardly, damaging to your connection with the other person, damaging to your self confidence, damaging to your future ability to connect with people, inefficient at creating genuine enjoyment of life, and it gaslights everyone involved into believing a disingenuous reality.
5) Why doesn’t my partner seem to want sex anymore / won’t initiate sex?
Surprisingly, the most unlikely (but still possible) answer is that they’re no longer attracted to you – it’s far more likely to be that there’s an emotional disconnect problem in the relationship, or you’ve been to affectionate toward each other / spent too much time together, or you care too much for your partner (i.e. worry about them), or they have a personal issue that affects libido that has little to do with you e.g. depression, burn out, trauma, or addiction.
If you’d like the long version answers for any of these questions, comment which question below and I’ll link you to my relevant videos and podcasts.

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