The 3 “Selfish” Motivations that Control Our Decisions


– best way to understand people and respond effectively is to correctly guess their motives

– today, we talk about the 3 motives everyone has – each person has a primary that helps you understand them

– despite many people claiming altruism, i firmly believe it’s a myth and that all actions are self-serving, but it doesn’t matter – there’s no moral issue here

– serving the self in a healthy way serves the whole

– not sure on original source

– wealth, power, popularity

– wealth = security, possession, resources, back ups, safety

– how to know if you/others are wealth motivated: doing jobs for money, buying property and investing, penny pinching, quantifying – “how much” is biggest concern, panics about loss, aquisition, can include people (more about numbers than approval), will sacrifice the other two for this one

– power = influence, control, political clout, legacy, impact

– how to know: argumentative, trying to change the world, seduction, influencing, leadership roles, social work, panics about going unheard or misunderstood, this is ME, will sacrifice the other two for this one

– popularity = love, approval, validation, comfort,

– how to know: people pleasing, show off, entertainer, celebrity, prioritises friends and family, cares what others think of them, takes things personally, will sacrifice the other two for this one

– can be healthy – these are ways to determine satisfying negotiations, love languages, finding your purpose in life, eliminating wastes of time

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