Jason Moore, sales rep


Jonathan Lau, physiotherapist


Mitchell Kwan, therapist


“Dan helped me work through so many different barriers, fears, doubts and uncertainties with various issues. [He] helped me dig into my core and made me so much more aware of myself, allowed me to see who I really am, who I want to be and just what I can be capable of. But what I want to thank [him] for the most is the compassion and patience [he’s] shown me throughout this intense journey. I’d been following [his] blog posts for quite a while before I first reached out to [him], something about them resonated with me and I felt such an urge to look into it further. Yet at that point the thought of ever actually discussing those topics with someone was so daunting it didn’t even feel like it could be a distant possibility. I remember spending what must have been a good 6 months quietly asking [his] opinion and advice on very small things through facebook. I feared [he] would feel I was just using [him] for free help, but I couldn’t ignore my drive to want to dig deeper. I still felt no pressure from [him], no frustration of wasted time. It was those moments and the way [he] handled them with such pure caring that gave me the courage to keep following that drive, and eventually to take those next steps, which made everything we’ve achieved from then on possible. 

[Dan] is still the only person who has actually seen me have a panic attack and known what was going on. And I would put myself in that position with you again knowing how much this has all been worth it. I caught up with [a friend] earlier this week, and he asked me what’s been the single main thing that has made this [overseas] adventure that I’ve been craving for 10 years finally possible… The answer was easy; the work that I’ve done with [Dan]. I’d like to think one day my drive for wanting to travel would have overpowered all the fears and rules holding me back, but it wouldn’t have been any time soon, and I wouldn’t have been going into it with the freedom for possibilities that I feel now.There’s still so much for me to discover about myself, so much more to dig into and learn. I feel like we really only started to scratch the surface of some of my deepest kept beliefs as I became more capable of being open and honest in our sessions. But it’s no longer just wishful thinking that one day I might be able to improve myself and my life, it’s now an exciting journey that’s become my reality.

Emma Jessop, artist


A year ago I was a far cry from smiling. I had hit my lowest point and staring down the barrel of defeat. I was in danger of losing my job, friends, everything I had worked for and everything that people had worked so hard to provide for me. With the support of my family and business partner I began to see that there was a way out of the darkness but it required me wanting to change and get better. A major part of that is when I decided to go see a life coach [Dan]. It’s not easy as a guy to open up and express feelings and it’s even harder to admit your faults. But week by week and step by step we started to tackle the issues that were holding me back and bringing me down. I learnt the importance of taking the time to put myself first and do things that make me happy. It was important to me that I kept my values and beliefs during these changes (I think of myself as someone who like to put others first). It’s been a long journey and I’m far from perfect – there are still times when I feel guilty and there are still times when I make mistakes but I know that I’m working towards and better and more balanced life. I thought I’d share my story because often as young adults we hide what we are going through to the rest of the world and face these demons alone. As I’m seeing some people close to me go through similar situations recently, I want them to know that it will get better, you can change and there are people who care. Much love”

Jacob Mathews, cafe owner


The process was challenging at times in terms of examining and shifting paradigms that were at times difficult to perceive and then let go of. The service Dan provided was excellent, with the guidance and methodology incredibly practical and effective, without being burdensome. Since engaging Dan, my quality of life has markedly improved. The tools that Dan has helped me with will continue to see my life improve. Worth. Every. Penny. Don’t be a dick, just do it!”

Nick Hanlon, executive


I stumbled across [Dan’s] article on line and it had an email at the bottom with a promise all emails would be read – didn’t expect a reply but was stoked when I did. [Coaching with Dan] added a new perspective on things I’d struggled with in the past – or recognised but not understood why. It’s defo specifically helped me with things I wanted to focus on and achieve. Dan has a very natural and friendly approach. Down to earth and I liked that he was young too – as opposed to being someone old enough to be my parent! I threw a few big emails at Dan between our sessions and he always found the time to reply with detail and empathy. [Since coaching I’m] doing things I never had confidence doing before. I still have work to do but life is so much easier when I feel more equipped to deal with situations that used to daunt me. Dan is the most expensive professional I’ve ever worked with. But you pay for what get!! I’ve found more benefit from working with him in a shorter space of time [than counseling]. Therefore technically it’s cheaper in the long run. Dan also often over ran his session [times] with never a word of complaint – so over all I’d say good value for money! You’d be mad not to! It’s way better than any other professional options out there. He focuses on the here and now and provides you with simple yet effective strategies to do things you didn’t feel you could do !!”

Angie McQuillin, coach and speaker


“I started listening to [Dan’s] podcasts and his philosophy really resonated with me. [Coaching with Dan] brought my confidence along heaps and helped me to feel much more comfortable in myself, which was exactly what I was looking for. The challenges I was set was hard but worth it. It was great to have someone pushing me and giving me a reason to do it so that I couldn’t keep putting it off. Dan talks on your level and is easy to communicate with. He’s grounded and accepting and open about his own personal issues which makes kit easy to open up to him. My confidence has increased and I’m comfortable being me. I’m happy with who I am and wouldn’t want to change for anything. What’s more important to you, your money or your life? Money or happiness? Money or your future? You can always make more money. You only get one life. Listen to his podcasts, buy the 3x program, read his book, have a taster session. See if its a good fit then go for it!

Daniel Morgan, coach


“[I came to Dan with] my perceived lack of assertiveness, past struggle with depression, and at times low self esteem. Dan is all about taking action. After clinical and behavioural therapy for recovery from depression, I made huge improvements in my thought process. But Dan helped me stand up and act on the positive thought changes. I was quite honest with Dan about my deepest reservations from the very first session, and I found a completely non-judgemental listener in him. Therefore, each session transitioned into the subsequent one with great ease. I got more than I bargained for. The resources that I have had access to (in addition to the coaching) are of great value too. Another observation which pleasantly surprised me was that no session ever felt like a race against the clock. It will take time to notice major changes, but I can already feel a significant improvement in my sense of self-worth. It is one of the things I had strived for before coaching and Brojo, but never quite achieved to a great degree. I definitely gained more than I paid for. The added advantage is that the changes I have been able to achieve are lasting, so it is like having long-term support. [If you’re interested in coaching] have a chat with him first to see if Dan’s style of coaching suits you. “

Pulkit Kinra, dentist


“Dan encouraged me step by step. I feel more confident, less afraid of rejection and conflict.”

Grant Watson


“[Dan] made me realize things that were already in my mind. For example, he helped me realize my people-pleasing tactics when I was not particularly aware of them. I am now living my life in a much more confident way because I don’t worry if people like me as much anymore. I love this man’s work.”

Emmanuel Ventura, pharmacist


“Dan had the wonderful skill of helping me organize a cluster of thoughts by breaking them down, tracing them back to their origins and determining their likely cause. Which gave me greater clarity and the ability to plan actionable steps to work towards. This seemed to be set at my own pace. From relatively simple steps creating a sense of achievement and momentum, to highly anxious events that really pushed my boundaries involving both successes and failures. Comfortably uncomfortable. 

Dan gave me the impression of complete support, highly valued when testing yourself each week. Communication was excellent as well, always touching base when I had been off the radar for a couple of weeks. My “emotional intelligence” has improved significantly, a better understanding of my own psyche has allowed me to let go of a lot of negative baggage resulting in the best day to day mental state of my life. Cheers Dan. Try a free session so there’s nothing to lose. I would also suggest preparing for the consultation to gain the most value. “

David Schrader


“The home work forced me to face my fears. The quality of my life is significantly better since I started the coaching. Do it, it might sound strange, but it helps having some one show you where you might be stuck.”

Mahran Sujau, engineer


“I came out of an unfulfilling career and Dan has helped me navigate through that and into a better place. I am definitely on my way to beginning my coaching business. Dan is a great communicator who is very encouraging and helpful with goals. Dan always provides great support even outside our sessions. This was definitely worth the financial investment for me. In fact I don’t really think about the money I spent. I just focus on all the value I’m getting and how it’s helping me to improve my life. “

Mike Felber


“I have a lot more confidence and no longer live my life to please other people. My life is so much better now – I do what I want, because I want to do it – not to please others or because I think that is what someone else wants. I feel I have wasted much of the last 35 years of my life trying to please everyone else and hating myself in the process. I feel now I can start to live my life for me without the constant self-criticism and self hatred. Money could never buy the way I feel now. Thank you so much for that Dan. Have a chat to this guy – I found him down-to-earth, easy to work with and incredibly talented at what he does.”

Tracy Armitage, probation officer

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“Half way through Dan’s book ‘Driven’ I desperately wanted an introduction session which convinced me to do a 6 month coaching program. If Dan’s ideas and coaching would be subject at school, the world would be a better place. I believe there wouldn’t be that many frustrated people outside with so many weird behaviors. Personally speaking for myself, it was the best money I have invested so far. I highly recommend his books, work and coaching.”

Daniel Traeger, engineer


“[The Programme] has me feeling like nothing is out of my reach. [Dan] helped me figure out what I want from life, without limits… I loved the exercise where everything is broken down into manageable steps that I can control… it’s challenging but positive – makes achieving goals and dreams realistic”

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Steph O’Neale, jeweller


“Hiya Dan, I just wanted to let ya know your way of doing things has worked like magic!

I can now have coffee, eat dinner and do anything on my own without feeling anxious, presentations are going really well and I have stepped it up to present to a big group of bankers in a few weeks….. I joined two networking groups on my own and made some excellent contacts, and getting heaps better at going in cold to situations!!!! Honestly since our session it’s like magic!

I owe you a beer my friend! Thanks very much for your tools and words of wisdom”

Nicola Pirie, entrepreneur


“[I came to Dan] because I wanted a change in career. He helped me focus on that change and broke it down in to manageable bites. I feel I have more time for people and to do things, using time more effectively, not panicking when I am busy. Give [Dan] a try, have the initial assessment and see if he is the right fit for you.”

Chris Vernon, probation officer

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“The changes I have made since before I had coaching to now: quit a job I hated, went back to uni, for the most part quit drinking and gained hobbies like baking, writing and boxing (my hobby used to be drinking). The changes internally are equally dramatic. I used to be obsessed with my weight and now I don’t use a scale. I used to think my dreams of travelling and being a writer were ridiculous and now I believe I can do achieve them and I’m moving to Europe in 3 months. The benefits from the time with Dan are priceless.”

Bree Logue


“Dan’s straight forwardness and specifics were refreshing as insightful. At 58 years old and recently unemployed I was frustrated and stuck. Dan’s gentle but firm manner coaxed me along till I had a grasp of the direction I wanted to head and next actions to take. I am most comfortable working with Dan, he speaks to my heart and professional side as one in the same. I love integrating my life to be one and the same. I believe this is where Dan shines, he is authentic and best of all leads by example.”

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Kater Danford


“To have coaching sessions with Dan is so much more than setting and achieving goals, it’s about facing your fears and answering questions you didn’t even know you had. While you may come in feeling hopeful with a dream and a rough plan, you will leave feeling empowered and like YOU ARE on top of the world. He will not perform miracles or tell what to do, however he will prove that YOU CAN do anything you set your mind to and that there are no limits aside from the ones you set for yourself.”

Gabriela Motoi, practice leader


“As a typical nice guy with low self confidence, Dan and his coaching has made a phenomenal impact on my life and has hugely increased my self confidence. He is understanding and listens to what you want and guides in the direction you want to go. I highly recommend his courses and his coaching.”

Anthony Zhou, youth corrections officer

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“I don’t think you have any idea how influential your coaching was for me. The quickest result was that I learned how to speak to others and say exactly what I need to say, no matter how uncomfortable, making me a lot more relaxed in conversations.

You awakened this inner knowing within me that’s always been there guiding me to authenticity and purpose. It’s become completely intuitive. I’ve been obsessed with enlightenment in my inner realm, but saw clearly that the Inner is connected to the Outer, and nothing but pure Authenticity closes that gap.

With all the appreciation in my heart,”