Testimonial: Kater talks about her first session…

“Who’d know while searching in the USA for how to find my Dream Job I’d have the good fortune to meet Dan Munro in New Zealand?

That’s the best part of starting a journey you never know where you’ll wind up but I can certainly speak for myself I’ll be the happier for starting the process.

Dan speaks to my short falls in away that’s is palatable and encouraging.  During my first session with Dan I became awakened and hopeful, by the end of our call I was excited at finding a piece of clarity and knowing my next moves to take.

He helped me to efficiently uncover my big uncertainty of what do I really want to do in this next chapter of my life. Before our session I read his book Driven, which is very well presented. I could identify what my motivators were and what was missing. Driven methodically moved me through to the next step and kept my attention to the end. It was a helpful and easy guide.

Back to our conversation, Dan’s straight forwardness and specifics were refreshing as insightful. At 58 years old and recently unemployed I was frustrated and stuck. Dan’s gentle but firm manner coaxed me along till I had a grasp of the direction I wanted to head and next actions to take. I am most comfortable working with Dan, he speaks to my heart and professional side as one in the same. I love integrating my life to be one and the same. I believe this is where Dan shines, he is authentic and best of all leads by example.

When I read the recap of his year in 2012 and compared it to 2013 I knew he had something I wanted.

Thank you, I appreciate what you have given me and look forward to our next session.”

– Kater Danford


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