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At the halfway and completion points of my coaching programs I make sure to get in-depth feedback from my clients. This way I can constantly improve my coaching and stay focused on what the client needs most. If you’ve never experienced coaching before and want to know what it’s like, here is completely unedited testimonial feedback from one of my first 6 month program graduates Steph, a wonderfully creative jewellery artist.

See for yourself…

1) What lead you to coaching? What were you hoping to change?

I basically needed some direction in my life. I felt like I knew vaguely what I wanted, but had no idea how to go from where I was to where I thought I wanted to be. I needed to clarify my purpose and my journey.

2) What were the sessions like? Describe the experience of “being coached”

The sessions were more like chats. Chats which challenged your current perceptions, and questioned what you thought you wanted out of life. The sessions were based around moving you through a series of steps and activities or exercises to help you reassess and redefine where you want to go and how you will put steps into action to getting there. These are exercises I find myself using now, after my 6 month program has finished, which has been really helpful, especially when you come to a point where you feel stuck or unsure again.

3) How are you different after 6 months of coaching? What has changed in your life?

After 6 months of coaching I value myself a lot more. I value who I am, and believe I deserve to get what I want out of life, no matter what that is. I now also know the options are limitless, and in saying that, figuring out which options you TRULY want to pursue is really important. After figuring out what my ideal life would look and feel like, and writing this down, I now have a blueprint for where I want to be, and can refer back to it, or alter it, as need be. If I lose track I can regain my direction, if I learn something new about myself or what I want, then I can add or adjust it. It is something I have never had before and I find that really helpful.

After 6 months I have figured out what is important in my life and how to go about making sure I keep that at the forefront of everything I do, and not settling for something if it is not meeting my personal criteria.

4) Would you recommend this to others? Why/why not?

Yes I would. I do think coaching is really valuable. Especially in this ever-expanding world where we are bombarded with options, choices, different ideas, it is really important to be able to navigate that minefield with your personal values and desires in front of you. The biggest barrier people will come across is undervaluing coaching, and so seeing it as pricey. You will never understand the value of coaching until you have undertaken some, in whatever field, and what benefits you will get from it. By making the initial commitment to x number of sessions, you will find “I can’t afford it” is actually just an excuse for being afraid of trying something new and out of your comfort zone.



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