Are You a Victim?

  At any given time you are either being a Victim or being Responsible. Which one you choose will determine the quality of your life. When you choose to be a Victim, you will create a safe life that is actually full of suffering. When you choose to be Responsible, you create an unsafe life that is abundant in freedom. Read More

Letting Go of Outcomes

When we focus on the process rather than the outcomes, we ironically are more likely to get the results we want. But as soon as our efforts become about getting results, we start making short-term decisions, increase our anxiety, and generally lose our love of just doing stuff. Read More

What To Do When Someone Disrespects You

If someone crosses your boundaries and disrespects your values, but you’ve never clearly set those boundaries with them, then you can’t complain. We had a great discussion about this last night at Brojo. One of boys is dating a lawyer, and she was demanding that he give up personal information about his friend. This really frustrated the bro because he Read More