The Secret About The “Comfort Zone”

If you enjoyed this podcast, get access to more of Dan’s content and his powerful confidence-building email courses by joining the famous BROJO self-development community. It’s free! Learn more here. ———————— The term “comfort zone” is thrown about often in the self-development world, yet what does it really mean? Most people seem to be stuck in a rut yet find Read More

Top 5 Social Confidence Books

Today we’re going to be reviewing the top five books that I’ve ever read on how to build confidence by being more honest. A specific little niche there, but ultimately I think this is the only topic worth focusing on if you want to build strong social confidence. It’s all about learning what being yourself actually looks like in real life. Read More

Honesty vs Truthfulness: How to Avoid Hurting Peoples Feelings

Most of us would like to be more honest, but we hesitate due to fear that doing so would hurt others or get us into trouble. But the problem is we often confuse an increase in honesty with increasing truthfulness. The truth can’t hurt people – reality is benign. But the way you present your reality can be harsh, judgmental Read More

The Power Of Vulnerability

Why are some people really open – and therefore unbreakable – while others don´t say the truth about themselves and end up punished by it? Is it really harmful to be vulnerable? In this article Dan share’s his transition from hiding almost everything to revealing it all, and what he learned from this secret to confidence.    

Not even white lies? 5 reasons why YOU need to tell the truth

I don’t promote being honest because it’s a moral thing to do. I’m not trying to make the world a better place through improving everyone’s manners. To be quite honest, I have little time for “morals” and the subjective argument between right and wrong. I promote honesty because it’s an effective strategy for success, in all areas of life. Read More