What If My Family Doesn’t Support Me?

The largest social barrier many people face when it comes to living with integrity is the influence of their family. We usually choose our best friends or partners, but our family remains a roll of the dice. How we can deal with the dilemma of trying to improve ourselves and keep family in our lives even if they actively sabotage Read More

How to Overcome “Impossible” Barriers

  Often we believe we just CAN’T do it, right? The voices in our head say “It’s too hard”, or “I can’t afford it”, or “Maybe I should wait until X, Y and Z”. And yet despite these voices sounding rational, like there’s clear evidence that we can’t do it, later on we find out that maybe we could have. Read More

7 Rules Which Create A Positive Support Circle

Today I had an interview with a client about how to start her own business. She had some fantastically creative ideas for various ways to put her strengths to good use. She spoke of using her journey overcoming body-image issues and eating disorders to create a confidence-building programme for women. But she hadn’t started doing anything about it yet. Why? Read More