Life Sucks: Becoming a Stoic Extremophile in the Modern World

No, you’re not a victim, life is unfair. Many people suffer because they fail to accept an obvious truth: life sucks. It’s not because life is unfair, but it sucks because as humans they are incapable of long-term satisfaction. We will always suffer. How we deal with it will determine our quality of life. So, if you think life sucks and Read More

You Are The Cause Of All Your Problems

Can you imagine to have the power to control how much suffering you experienced in your life, and how much control you could have over what happened to you? Wouldn’t that be great? I have good news for you: You DO control your suffering. You’re just not doing it as well as you could be, and you’re not even aware Read More

Depression… You’re Doing it Wrong!

If you’ve been fighting against depression your whole life – trying to treat it or cure it – maybe you’ve been doing it wrong. Here’s a more Stoic and effective method to dealing with depression, from someone who found a new way. Read More

Anxiety Is Awesome

Many people believe that being anxious, afraid or nervous it’s really bad. What about if this is not truth? What if you’re only suffering with anxiety comes from thinking it’s bad? Let’s find out how anxiety contributes to your life, and how to make the best of it.