What I Learned In 2014

Are you a high achiever who’s ready to learn how to be open and vulnerable, and say no to being a people pleaser? Consider coaching in 2015 Read More

7 Rules Which Create A Positive Support Circle

Today I had an interview with a client about how to start her own business. She had some fantastically creative ideas for various ways to put her strengths to good use. She spoke of using her journey overcoming body-image issues and eating disorders to create a confidence-building programme for women. But she hadn’t started doing anything about it yet. Why? Read More

Not even white lies? 5 reasons why YOU need to tell the truth

I don’t promote being honest because it’s a moral thing to do. I’m not trying to make the world a better place through improving everyone’s manners. To be quite honest, I have little time for “morals” and the subjective argument between right and wrong. I promote honesty because it’s an effective strategy for success, in all areas of life. Read More

Dream Come True: I am now a full time Confidence and Career Coach!

As of now I am officially an “entrepreneur”. After almost 18 months of battling against seemingly impossible obstacles, I have now taken the leap, committing to my Purpose with everything I have. I am now a full time Career and Confidence Coach, an author, and internet marketer. And who knows what else I’ll end up doing. To celebrate, I have Read More

What Is The Secret To Good Luck?

  I think the saying “Good things come to those who wait” is one of the single most destructive pieces of advice you can receive as child. There is no such thing as good luck. There is merely the reward that comes from living in a way that makes the most of opportunities. Good luck is about being able to Read More

How ‘Split Testing’ Guarantees Success

Just a quick one for you here. Have you ever wanted to have a bullet-proof method for improvement, where you know FOR SURE that you will get better and better over time? No matter what circumstances or situation you apply it to? Introducing…. (drum roll)… SPLIT-TESTING!!! Split-testing is a concept I’ve only recently realised the power of, so I wanted Read More

Negative Group Talk: 3 Crazy Limiting Beliefs About Success

  I had an interesting experience the other night… A couple of friends came round and somehow the conversation got to my business. This quickly led to a conversation about success in general. I basically sat back and watched as three of my friends convinced each other that there was no point in trying to be successful business-wise, by pretty Read More