You Are Stuck in an Invisible Prison

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s probably because you are trapped in a mind-prison. As we grow up, we start to follow rules, routines and patterns without really being aware that we’re doing this. Before too long, we become stuck in a way of living that we didn’t even choose. If you’re wondering why you’re stuck in this job, this relationship, Read More

Getting Unstuck Using the 3X Model of Confidence

We all get stuck. Whether it’s overthinking and being unable to commit to a decision; or burning out from being extremely busy without making any progress, or getting lost in information overload and not knowing where to begin. The 3X Model of Confidence was designed to help people remain unstuck and make huge progress with their self-confidence. It’s very easy and simple Read More

Doing The Impossible: 4-Step Process To Breaking Through Mental Loops

Other people are doing it, but for you it’s impossible. Maybe it’s starting a business, or asking out a girl, or losing 50 pounds. We each have that thing that defeats us, no matter how hard we try. Don’t worry, there’s a good chance your real issue is your own self-sabotage. In this recording, we explore why you get in Read More