How to Deal with Pressure

Most people seem to spend the majority of their time feeling stressed and pressured. No wonder we blast away our weekends with booze and business: we’re exhausted from a week’s worth of pressure! But what is pressure? How is it created? And most importantly: can it be reduced? Imagine: a life without feeling pressured. How good would that be? No Read More

Control freaks: how to handle things going wrong

watch the video above, or read the transcript below Today’s post is for the control freaks amongst us; the people who find it really upsetting when things don’t go to plan, when something goes wrong, or when what they had scheduled gets disrupted by something outside of their control. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of these Read More

How to Deal With Stress

If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of Dan’s content and his powerful confidence-building email courses by joining the famous BROJO self-development community. It’s free! Learn more here. ———————— Stress is a killer. Not only is it linked to various diseases and increased chances of injury, fatigue and failure, it’s also notoriously difficult to cope with. In this Read More

5 Value Conflicts that Freeze Your Decision-Making

You want to do the “right” thing, it’s just sometimes “right” thing isn’t clear. The confusion is so intense that we end up doing nothing at all. Here’s how to break a values conflict and get moving on that tough decision. Read More

Burn Out

There’s one downside to being motivated: it can aggravate your fear of dying so much that you burn out through over-achieving. Then it’s Welcome to Hell! Read More

Making it Easier to be Honest

Due to fear of social rejection and scarcity mindset, most of us lie often. Why people can’t be honest? Here’s a simple strategy for easier honesty Read More

9 Tips For More Confident Conversations

After three months of social confidence coaching, one of my clients – “Martin” – made a major transformation. When Martin first came to me he was shy, unsure of himself, and frustrated about missing out on opportunities. He only felt safe to be himself when he was around his closest friends and family, and even then he still hid things, Read More

Stop Discouraging Yourself & Eliminate Negative Thoughts

“The only thing standing in between you and the achievement of your goals is the bullshit story you tell yourself”– Jordan Belfort   OK, so the Wolf of Wall Street had some problems of his own, but you can’t fault that advice. Whether or not you will spend your life as a Victim comes down to one simple concept: Will Read More