How I Got A Girlfriend

Have you ever think what it would be like to just be yourself from the very first time you meet someone, and then have that form into a relationship? You can find an advice everywhere encourages some form of strategy, faking it, or manipulation. Let’s find out how relationship looks like when you start building it completely authenticly.    

Not even white lies? 5 reasons why YOU need to tell the truth

I don’t promote being honest because it’s a moral thing to do. I’m not trying to make the world a better place through improving everyone’s manners. To be quite honest, I have little time for “morals” and the subjective argument between right and wrong. I promote honesty because it’s an effective strategy for success, in all areas of life. Read More

Dream Come True: I am now a full time Confidence and Career Coach!

As of now I am officially an “entrepreneur”. After almost 18 months of battling against seemingly impossible obstacles, I have now taken the leap, committing to my Purpose with everything I have. I am now a full time Career and Confidence Coach, an author, and internet marketer. And who knows what else I’ll end up doing. To celebrate, I have Read More