The Secret to Self Leadership, with Peter Lewis

With 20 years of sterling military service at his back, combined with a love for Stoicism and Iron Man events, leadership coach Peter Lewis has some deep wisdom to impart from his own journey of discovering self-leadership while in the dark depths of depression. In this episode, Peter and I dive deep into what it means to be an authentic Read More

A Lesson on The Life of Socrates, with Donald Robertson

Renowned CBT psychologist and Stoicism/philosophy expert Donald Robertson is back on the show to teach us about the man who started the entire Western philosophy, and still to this day we have never seen a wiser man: Socrates. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions Donald Robertson’s crash course on Socrates:…on-socrates If you enjoyed this video, Read More

Positive Thinking Sucks! (aka Law of Attraction)

Watch the video above or read the written version below Is it good to be positive? Today we’re going to challenge this idea by looking particularly at something that a lot of people do when they get into self-development: the practice of positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are essentially where you look yourself in the mirror (or write in your journal) Read More

You Are Not Special… But It’s OK!

Nice guys or how we call them People-pleasers and perfectionists have something in common. They are both terrified of being insignificant. We all want to matter. We want to be remembered, to have an impact, and to be important. We’re all obsessed with being good enough. But the question is WHY? What if it was ok to not be memorable, Read More

Life Sucks: Becoming a Stoic Extremophile in the Modern World

No, you’re not a victim, life is unfair. Many people suffer because they fail to accept an obvious truth: life sucks. It’s not because life is unfair, but it sucks because as humans they are incapable of long-term satisfaction. We will always suffer. How we deal with it will determine our quality of life. So, if you think life sucks and Read More

You Are The Cause Of All Your Problems

Can you imagine to have the power to control how much suffering you experienced in your life, and how much control you could have over what happened to you? Wouldn’t that be great? I have good news for you: You DO control your suffering. You’re just not doing it as well as you could be, and you’re not even aware Read More

What 2017 Taught Us About Self-Acceptance

Dan and Mike – two founders of Brojo – talk about painful lessons they learned from 2017, hard year for both of them, and how they founded the secrets to self-acceptance. Listen and learn with them.    

How to Stay Cool in High-Pressure Situations

THE RAPIST WAS ON THE LOOSE… Neill*, a serial kidnapper and potential rapist, had absconded from his Home Detention address. There was no GPS monitoring on his electronic ankle bracelet, so we had no idea where he’d gone. All we knew was what the forensic psychologist had warned us about when Neill was first released from prison – “If he Read More