People Pleaser: The uncomfortable truth about being a nice person

You might think you’re a good person because you sacrifice your own needs to prioritise the needs of others. You might think of yourself as a nice person because you always cheer people up when they’re feeling down. You might think of yourself as a kind person because you never argue or fight or cause problems. But what if underneath Read More

How I Overcame Chronic Social Anxiety

In the video above, I share my personal journey with chronic social anxiety. I spent a huge portion of my early life feeling anxious and nervous in social situations, especially when I was around people I was attracted to. But, I learned how to overcome it, and you can too. Read More

The Pressure to Fit In and Be Like Everyone Else

How do I fit in? This is the question we start asking ourselves from our first day in school. How can I be more like everyone else? This is what we start asking when we enter high school. We want to figure out how to be popular because of all the peer pressure we feel on a daily basis. And it Read More

The Big Lie You Tell Yourself

I think you are a good person. You’re trustworthy and generally an honest person, right? In that case, you should be experiencing a fulfilling and open love-life, social life, and career. So why if you are honest and good person, you’re not being rewarded for it? There must be something that you’re not seeing…    

Eliminating Rejection from Your Life

If you are scared of rejection it probably holds you back socially or it can effect your career – more than anything else. Can you imagine if it was all just your mind, that rejection didn’t exist and you could free yourself from the fear of it. I can show you how.    

Social Status: Why You Feel Worthless

We look up to rich and attractive people, our boss, our parents, and others. Then we look down on criminals, the homeless, and the mentally ill. What is this ranking system we commonly call Social Status? How is it created, who creates it, and most importantly, what is it doing to us? If you’ve ever felt like the least worthy Read More

Managing Manipulation: How to Prevent Emotional Abuse

People influence you. Some people do it on purpose, to get something from you, even if it harms you. Some even do it to control you, just for their own amusement. This is what we often refer to as harmful manipulation. In this episode, I share what 7 years of battling manipulative criminal offenders for the Department of Corrections taught Read More

How to Stop Being Shy

Many people repeat the anti-confidence mantra “I’m shy” on a regular basis. It’s often based on the flawed idea that this character trait is inbuilt and permanent. The good news is that our personalities are flexible, when we allow them to be. “Neuroscience techniques can be used to influence behaviour, improve memory and confront fear.” – Marcus Clarke Even though Read More

Let Them Hate You

If you’re like most people, you probably waste a huge percentage of your time worrying about what others think about you, and then behaving in a way that will prevent others from disliking you.
But what’s so wrong with being hated for who you are? Read More