Blood In The Water: Why You Get Bullied (and How to Prevent It)

Do you have any history of being bullied? Have you ever thought “Why me?!” In this podcast, we explore the social and psychological dynamics of bullying, and I share the real truth about being a bullying victim, developed from many years of working with psychopaths and narcissists. Even if bullying was in your past and or present, it doesn’t have to Read More

The Difference Between Flirting and Harassment

Men are scared to flirt, and women think men are dangerous. However, flirting can be safe if the man’s intentions are giving, respectful, and he acknowledging the context. And women should know the difference between harassment feeling awkward. Read More

Stuck in the Friendzone?

Are you finding yourself stuck in the friendzone and starting to get a little bitter and resentful about it? Frustrated that it never seems to go anywhere? Maybe it’s time to look at what you’re bringing into these so-called friendships Read More

Everyone is Full of Shit

Notice how full of shit everyone is? Probably not. Your cognitive biases will have created insecurity that know-it-all people take advantage of. Let’s talk about building more confidence in your decisions. Read More

How to Lead a Conversation

If you’d like to know how to be charismatic, without over-thinking, this article will show how to use The 3X Model and core values to create a deep connection. Read More

Endless Confidence | Menprovement Academy

In 7 interviews we cover everything I know about how to be confident and authentic, so that you never need to pretend again! Learn the secrets to “just being yourself” and open up a world of freedom, excitement and powerful engagement in life. Read More

Making it Easier to be Honest

Due to fear of social rejection and scarcity mindset, most of us lie often. Why people can’t be honest? Here’s a simple strategy for easier honesty Read More

How To Build Social Confidence | Menprovement podcast

Dan’s guest appearance on The MenProvement Podcast.    I was fortunate enough to chat with Sean Russell from In this interview we discuss how self confidence is the key to success, and without it – you are a hollow shell of the person you could be. If you’ve ever felt like you were holding back who you truly are, Read More