That time I pretended to be deaf… yes, really!

Some people struggle to believe how socially anxious I once was. In this story, I share a time I pretended to be deaf just to avoid an uncomfortable interaction. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses by Read More

Nothing to Say? Things to talk about when you go blank

If you enjoyed this podcast, get access to more of Dan’s content and his powerful confidence-building email courses by joining the famous BROJO self-development community. Learn more here. ———————— You know that awkward silence that comes up when you run out things to say and start panicking? Well, it’s not quite as simple as having “nothing” to say, though it Read More

The 5 Lies We Were All Raised With

Watch the video above or read the written version below We’ve all been lied to. Did you know that? All our lives we’ve been told lies about who are our real enemies and who are our true friends. Today, I’m going to talk about the truth behind these lies so that you can figure out why it is that you Read More

7 Practical Daily Tips To Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety might feel like a life sentence, but millions of people have learned to overcome it and enjoy fulfilling social lives. You just need to know the daily exercises required to rewrite your inaccurate and outdated social beliefs. In this session we explore what social anxiety is, how everyone has it, and what you can do to relieve yourself Read More

Confidence Coaching Session: Overcoming Social Pressure, with Ron

Dan Munro and his session about social confidence with a guy named Ron. They explore how he struggles with social anxiety. He basically puts too much pressure on himself, and how he can break out of this pressure so that developing social skills is more enjoyable.    

Why are you so sensitive?

You’re at a party. On the surface, everything seems fine. You’re smiling, joking, sharing stories and having a good time. Except… Underneath this careful mask of pleasant chit-chat, you’re like the Terminator. Scanning the room, picking up every nuance of behaviour in your line of sight. You can see who’s happy, who’s faking it, who’s offended, who’s jealous… you can Read More

Overcoming Shyness When You’re an Introvert

In the video above, I’m cross-dressing in my girlfriend’s robe. In case you’re wondering, the reason is because technically I’m an introvert. I want to show you that I’m happy to do something slightly silly in a public forum whilst also being introverted. It doesn’t stop me from doing that. But I want to talk about how some people are Read More

How to Stop Fear Controlling You

Our thoughts about an anxiety are always fear, terror or panic. These are the least likely ways that fear will prevent you from taking helpful action. It’s hard to deal with the fear.  It’s tricky, it uses manipulation techniques to control you. See these examples: – distraction (e.g. social media) – intimidation (e.g. perfectionism) – invalidation (e.g. not good enough) Read More

What 2017 Taught Us About Self-Acceptance

Dan and Mike – two founders of Brojo – talk about painful lessons they learned from 2017, hard year for both of them, and how they founded the secrets to self-acceptance. Listen and learn with them.    

You think it’s GOOD to be “easy-going”???

There are so many people pleasers and Nice Guys I’ve coached over the last 5 years believe it’s good to be an “easy going” person. Many of them are raised to believe it’s bad to rock the boat or otherwise make other people feel sad. In this podcast I challenge the concept that being easy going is either good or Read More