The Naked Truth: Dealing With Shame Chapter

In this sneak peek preview, Dan Munro reads from his upcoming book The Naked Truth a chapter on shame, and how honesty and confidence go together in the same way that dishonesty and shame do. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens Read More

What is Shame and How is it Created?

Watch the video above or read the blog post version below Note: This post/video is excerpted from the BROJO University course Completely Shameless: The Secret to Confidence Let’s start by saying that shame and confidence are on a spectrum. On one end you have confidence, and on the other end you have shame. It’s very rare to have both at Read More

My battle with being a “highly sensitive person”

watch the video above or read the transcript below I’ve been meaning to do this video/post for a while now. Sometimes I think that it’s helpful if I’m open and honest about my weaknesses and failures and the things I struggle with, because sometimes when I create content, I give the impression that I’ve got everything ‘sorted’ and that’s absolutely Read More

How to Manage Your Emotions… Like A Dog

Have you ever beat yourself up for having an emotional reaction that you think is “inappropriate” or irrational? Maybe it’s stagefright, unexplained depression, random anxiety, or just an anger. You see the situation and know how you should feel, then all of sudden you’re having a crazy emotional reaction that just doesn’t make any sense. In this podcast, we’ll make Read More

Overcoming Shame

  “Shame occurs when you attach the concept of ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ to something you feel is true about you” – Dan Shame is the biggest barrier to self-confidence. Ultimately, confidence is just another word for being shameless. When you deeply and genuinely believe that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, and you feel absolutely no compulsion to hide anything Read More