Entropy: Fighting Off Death Every Day

Watch the video above, or read the transcription below Entropy, as described by the second law of thermodynamics, is a concept in physics that describes how everything slowly goes to disorder. Today, we’re going to talk about how this practically affects your life and your confidence on a daily basis. I’m no quantum physicist – I’m not an expert who Read More

How Can I Work On Myself When My Partner Isn’t Supportive?

In a marriage or other partnership, it’s inevitable that one person will start developing more than the other, at some point. Self improvement with a soulmate can be more challenging than expected, especially if they aren’t interested. This video is relationship advice for anyone trying to grow within their relationship.

Using Scientific Method To Improve Your Life

Just a quick insight for today’s post, which is all about the strategy or methodology behind how I change myself. This framework is behind all of the work I do with clients and staff to help them succeed at their goals better, faster and easier. OK, maybe fun isn’t a word you would all use, unless you’re scientists, however science Read More