How I Faced My Greatest Fear – and Came Out On Top

Awhile back I wrote a blog “Our Greatest Fear” which in my opinion is REJECTION. I am afraid of rejection – especially when it comes to girls. This fear prevents me from asking them out. But since I wrote that blog in July I’ve been working really hard on this. I have recently come back from a trip to Sydney for Read More

How I Found The Courage To Quit My 9-5

Guest post by Mike Felber So here I am, sitting at Starbucks on a beautiful fall day… Still warm enough to enjoy being outside, but the air has a cool crispness to it that makes it feel just right.  I’m just sipping my ice coffee and writing this.  I feel perfectly relaxed and stress free. The funny thing is, I Read More

Managing the “I’m Not Good Enough” Story

Each of us has a secret. A BIG secret. The world’s best kept secret in fact! And it’s this: We all have negatives voice inside our heads, telling us terrible things about ourselves. Check out how to deal with it here… Read More

3 Questions That Can Overcome Performance Anxiety

  You know when nervousness hits you and makes you freeze or panic? Well I’ve come up with 3 questions I can ask myself at any time to deal with this. Check out this short video for the cheat-sheet you can apply to anxiety situations. Perfect for those performance anxiety situations, like: – job interviews – stage fright – dating Read More

There is Hope: The Big Secret No One Told You About Self-Confidence

If you feel like you have self-confidence issues, I have something very important to share with you. If you are able to comprehend what I am trying to get across in this article, your life may change forever. When I made this insight it started a journey that changed everything in my life. Permanently. Read More