Have you gone through Mental Puberty yet?

Watch the video above or read the blog version below Have you noticed as you get older that adults aren’t quite as switched on as we thought they were when we were children? When we were younger, we thought adults had all the answers and that they knew what they were doing. But as we became adults ourselves, we started Read More

The 5 Rules of Healthy Masculinity (How to Be A Man)

We live in an age where being a masculine man is considered shameful. It’s time to fight back against this hateful and unhelpful messaging. The world needs it’s men back, to fight evil, role-model leadership, and take responsibility for solving problems. In this episode I will lay out 5 clear rules you can follow to ensure you are a man Read More

Stop Taking Responsibility For Other Peoples’ Emotions

We use a large amount of our energy trying to keep others from feeling painful emotion, by trying to make them happy, or by calming them down. But why do we do this? What’s wrong with being sad, angry and afraid? Let’s find out how to remove the burden of trying to make others happy, and what you should do Read More