Memento Mori – Face The Fear of Death

We’re going to be getting dark today, as we talk about maybe the greatest fear of them all: the fear of death. I want to start by congratulating you for even facing this issue, because that is horrendously difficult to do. It’s a horrible thing to first ask yourself about death and to face up to your fear of it. Read More

Why Religious People Are Unmoved by Atheist Arguments

Over the last few decades we’ve seen a huge increase in debates over religion, particularly since the rise of atheism, with proponents like Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens leading the debate against faith-based beliefs. However, these debates may not be achieving their goal. While many people are leaving their faith and embracing atheism, many others are becoming even more fundamentalist Read More

The Rules That Rule Your Life

We were born into a world full of rules that you had no hand in creating. And yet these rules completely dominate your life, and much of your decision-making. Do you think that these rules are real? I was inspired by the book Sapiens Yuval Harari. In this podcast, I explore the rules you’ve been following your whole life, and Read More