How to stop taking rejection personally

How do you feel when someone ‘rejects‘ you? If it hurts, it’s most likely because you take it personally, meaning you think their “No” has something do with a negative quality about yourself. But what if it’s got nothing to do with you at all? ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions If you enjoyed Read More

The Fear of Being Judged as “Weird”

When you’re in social environments, do you notice yourself behaving differently to how you would alone, or at home? The fear of being judged as “weird” or “different” haunts the lives of many people, especially Nice Guys and artists. We are missing out on incredibly valuable insights and creativity from people simply because they’re afraid of being judged?! Why would Read More

How I Faced My Greatest Fear – and Came Out On Top

Awhile back I wrote a blog “Our Greatest Fear” which in my opinion is REJECTION. I am afraid of rejection – especially when it comes to girls. This fear prevents me from asking them out. But since I wrote that blog in July I’ve been working really hard on this. I have recently come back from a trip to Sydney for Read More