An Open Letter to The Red Pill Community

Watch the video reading above, or read the letter in full below (includes citations) Goodbye, from a critic I’ve decided I need to let go of my resistance to The Red Pill. Like my issues with psychics, cash evangelists, and MLM schemes, it’s just not worth me getting worked up over anymore. So this is my goodbye. I have a Read More

Critique of Red Pill: 9 Iron Rules of Rollo Tomassi

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Red Pill Review: Should men use seduction to get women?

TL:DR – This post is for men wanting to know how to get a girl – whether they should use Pick-Up style seduction techniques or just naturally attract through honesty. The post reviews the 3 main claims of seduction advocates: 1) seduction is a good way to learn about women, 2) it’s necessary to protect men from risk, and 3) Read More