Why Wishing For A Better Life Is Stupid

Struggling against reality is the only cause of suffering. Everyone wants more purpose, wealth, health, popularity, love and power. You think about your current life and you wish to have all these things and you think that your current life is ‘not good enough’. You might even believe that you are not good enough. If you want to change this perspective, Read More

Creating an Awesome Career, with Paul Ames

This interview is with Paul Ames who knows a lot about creating a powerful, meaningful and satisfying career. Paul generously shares his secrets on designing an awesome career, plus his best advice for moving up the career ladder.    

The Pointless Pursuit of Finding Your Purpose

From early childhood we start receiving the message that we need a purpose in life; a single goal that we are supposed to feel passionate about and chase with unrelenting vigour. What if this is actually counter-productive to finding meaning in every single moment, because it keeps us focused on the fictional future? In this episode we explore how to create a meaningful life one second at a time. Read More