The 3 Principles of Powerful Honesty

If you are trying to be honest and it doesn’t work for you, or if you think full honesty is not the best policy then you have to listen to this. There’s a big chance that you being truthful is not the problem, but perhaps your delivery of the truth is not as great as it should be. Here, we discuss the Read More

Dealing with Fear [Managing Emotions Series]

Because we’ve been taught that fear and anxiety are “bad” to experience, we react to fear in an unhelpful way, often making it worse. In this video, Dan looks at how to make fear work for you. Instead of developing anxiety disorders and having panic attacks, or becoming afraid of fear itself, you can make fear your friend and allow Read More

3 Questions That Can Overcome Performance Anxiety

  You know when nervousness hits you and makes you freeze or panic? Well I’ve come up with 3 questions I can ask myself at any time to deal with this. Check out this short video for the cheat-sheet you can apply to anxiety situations. Perfect for those performance anxiety situations, like: – job interviews – stage fright – dating Read More

How To Talk With Confidence: 7 public speaking tips

Have you ever seen yourself on video, or heard yourself speaking on a recording, and felt uncomfortable?
Sometimes it can be shocking to see or hear yourself as others do.
In this video I will go through my top 7 practical public speaking tips, to show you how to talk with confidence. This is an area that many people let themselves down without being aware of it. Read More