Attraction & Dating Using Authenticity, with Joe Ducard

This interview is with top dating coach Joe Ducard who helps us understand how to reconcile ‘game‘ and seduction (the development of social skills for better dating and relationship experiences) with being yourself. He shows us how being authentic and sharing who you are honestly can improve your dating and sex life, while remaining well-meaning and giving in your intentions. Read More

Red Pill Review: Should men use seduction to get women?

TL:DR – This post is for men wanting to know how to get a girl – whether they should use Pick-Up style seduction techniques or just naturally attract through honesty. The post reviews the 3 main claims of seduction advocates: 1) seduction is a good way to learn about women, 2) it’s necessary to protect men from risk, and 3) Read More

The Dark Truth About the Pick Up Artist Industry, with John Cooper

This podcast is done with John Cooper, former Pick Up Artist (PUA) dating coach turned “Social Heartistry” teacher shares his experience in the PUA industry and other related perspectives on dating, and dark secrets about what goes on behind the scenes. Here we will see what it means to bring healthy masculinity into a connection with a woman, and how Read More

The 4 Types Of “Nice Guys”

Nice Guy Syndrome is common around the whole world. But not every Nice Guy is the same, and knowing how you’re different to other Nice Guys will help focus you on your pathway to rediscovering authentic masculinity and confidence. This video was recorded for all Nice Guys, and also for their partners, to help you figure out the best way Read More

Do You Feel Resentment Towards Women?

Have you been regularly mistreated or had negative connections with women? Are you starting to feel resentful and bitter about your love and dating life so far? Are you feeling that it’s hard to respect women or see them as equals? I know how you feel! In this episode, we explain where this comes from, how it holds you back, Read More

Why PUA Doesn’t Work

Have you found that being a Pick Up Artist hasn’t gotten you a deep and meaningful relationship? Are women leaving you after just a few weeks? Maybe this is why… Read More