50 Ways That You Undermine Your Confidence

Building confidence is hard enough as it is, so you don’t need to be making it even more challenging by sabotaging your progress through pointless harmful behaviours. In this episode, we look at the most common way that people wreck their own confidence, and how to prevent this from happening. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your Read More

The True Definition of Alpha Male, with Kevin Aillaud

The term “alpha male” has often been misrepresented in the modern field of self-development for men. Often connotated with concepts like dominance, hoarding of resources, promiscuity, physical strength, and other misconceived interpretations of wildlife studies, the alpha male concept has led many men down a dark path toward neediness, manipulation and psychopathy. Meet causal coach Kevin Aillaud. He’s on a Read More

Critique of Red Pill: 9 Iron Rules of Rollo Tomassi

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below At BROJO, we’ve been talking a lot about the views, perspectives and beliefs that men have about woman, and how this affects our interactions and our relationships. We’ve identified that many, if not most men, have at least a few very unhelpful beliefs that get in the way of them creating Read More

Mental Toughness – How to Build Psychological Resilience

Confidence is synonymous with being mentally tough and resilient. Being able to withstand things going wrong, people not liking you, failure and pain are the pillars of strong inner self-worth. But are we born with this or can it be learned and built? In this episode, we discuss the key actions you can take every day to become more mentally Read More

3 Reasons Why Online Personality Tests Don’t Help

Have you been trying to understand yourself, through online personality testing? Are you an INFJ? An extrovert? Neurotic? Agreeable? These are interesting things to discover, however even the most scientifically valid personality tests can get it wrong… Read More

7 Neuroscience Hacks to Wire Your Brain for Integrity

Neuroscience refers to the study of the functioning and structure of the brain and nervous system. It includes several branches of biology including biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, neural circuits and anatomy. Neuroscience techniques can be used to influence behaviour, improve memory and confront fear. The following 7 hacks can be used to wire your brain for integrity – integrity here Read More