How to Deal with Pressure

Most people seem to spend the majority of their time feeling stressed and pressured. No wonder we blast away our weekends with booze and business: we’re exhausted from a week’s worth of pressure! But what is pressure? How is it created? And most importantly: can it be reduced? Imagine: a life without feeling pressured. How good would that be? No Read More

Confidence Coaching Session: Overcoming Social Pressure, with Ron

Dan Munro and his session about social confidence with a guy named Ron. They explore how he struggles with social anxiety. He basically puts too much pressure on himself, and how he can break out of this pressure so that developing social skills is more enjoyable.    

Feeling Guilty for Saving Money?

You want to hang out with your friends, but they always insist on going somewhere “nice.” You enjoy the dating scene, but feel pressured to spend big to impress a total stranger. You’d like to save your money for important and meaningful things, but people give you shit for being too tight… I posted recently in the BROJO Facebook community Read More

The Pressure to Fit In and Be Like Everyone Else

How do I fit in? This is the question we start asking ourselves from our first day in school. How can I be more like everyone else? This is what we start asking when we enter high school. We want to figure out how to be popular because of all the peer pressure we feel on a daily basis. And it Read More

What to do about the “I’m Not Good Enough” Story

Every time you anticipate failure or embarrassment, this voice in your head starts doubting you, insulting you, and punishing you. Why do we beat ourselves this way? What’s the point of this? Well, that’s the question. We’ll explore now the dark truth behind the Not Good Enough script you’re so attached to, and discover what’s hiding behind it.