HEx Podcast: Radical Honesty as The Path to Bulletproof Confidence

“If someone says, “I’m a fucking loser,” that’s a form of dishonesty. What you actually are is a collection of atoms talking to each other. To say that you’re a loser isn’t accurately describing yourself. To say, “right now I’m having a thought that I’m a loser and engaging in some self-pity around that,” that’s more accurate.” “When I say Read More

Overcoming Nice Guy Syndrome

  Nice Guy Syndrome was first coined as a term by Dr Robert Glover in his game-changing book No More Mr Nice Guy. I was deeply affected by this way of thinking most of my life. I spent almost every social minute in full people-pleasing mode. I hid “negative” thoughts and feelings from people to avoid upsetting or offending them. Read More

How To Build Social Confidence | Menprovement podcast

Dan’s guest appearance on The MenProvement Podcast.    I was fortunate enough to chat with Sean Russell from Menprovement.com. In this interview we discuss how self confidence is the key to success, and without it – you are a hollow shell of the person you could be. If you’ve ever felt like you were holding back who you truly are, Read More

How to stop People Pleasing [The Art of Charm Podcast]

  It starts with taking responsibility. It was a huge honour for me to be invited onto the phenomenal podcast The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger. Together we dived into the concept of trying to please others and why it’s so damn unhealthy. “Ultimately what defines a people pleaser is that their self-worth is attached to things external them, Read More