You’re Not Doing Things for The Right Reasons

Most people are trying their best. Most of you are doing the ‘right’ things, most of the time. However, it still isn’t working out for you. Why? Because while you might be doing the right things, you are probably doing them for the wrong reasons, and as we’ll discuss today, the reason why you do anything is the most important Read More

A Lesson on The Life of Socrates, with Donald Robertson

Renowned CBT psychologist and Stoicism/philosophy expert Donald Robertson is back on the show to teach us about the man who started the entire Western philosophy, and still to this day we have never seen a wiser man: Socrates. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions Donald Robertson’s crash course on Socrates:…on-socrates If you enjoyed this video, Read More

Existential Crisis: What is the meaning of life?

As someone explores philosophy and self-development, they inevitable come across what’s commonly known as an existential crisis. It’s where you suspect or believe that the universe may in fact be totally random and pointless, and you start asking yourself questions like, “What’s the point of all this?” It can be a terrifying, soul-crushing experience. Thankfully, there is a step forward Read More

Acceptance – How to Be OK With Life and Yourself

If you enjoyed this podcast, get access to more of BROJO’s content and powerful confidence-building email courses by joining today. It’s free! Learn more here! ———————— As we get older, we become ever more frustrated by how hard and unfair the world is. We also find it increasingly difficult to love ourselves, and we’re plagued by the not good enough Read More

A Stoic Approach to Managing Anger, with Donald Robertson

Donald Robertson is a renowned modern Stoic, author of numerous Stoicism books including his latest ‘How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius’, and creator of one of the largest Facebook groups on Stoicism. Today I spoke with him about how to practically apply Stoicism in real-life, particularly when it comes to anger management and Read More

Finding Meaning without Fame, Wealth, Religion or Science

If you prefer reading, scroll down for the blog version: I think it’s now beyond dispute to claim the human race in general is experiencing a crisis of meaning. Purpose, spirituality, happiness – whatever word you want to use for it – we seem to be missing something. We’re a species doomed to self-loathing and self-destruction through our obsession for Read More

You Are Not Special… But It’s OK!

Nice guys or how we call them People-pleasers and perfectionists have something in common. They are both terrified of being insignificant. We all want to matter. We want to be remembered, to have an impact, and to be important. We’re all obsessed with being good enough. But the question is WHY? What if it was ok to not be memorable, Read More

Quantity vs Quality: Which are you chasing?

We live in a global society where your quality of life is often measured in terms of quantity. Your wealth, the achievement of your goals, how much money you got in the bank, how much people love and approve of you. There are, however, other things that matter. Read More