Apocalypse Now: How to prepare for the future

With all the craziness around COVID19, we’re starting to get a sense of who is well prepared for global disasters… and who is going to panic and buy toilet paper. In this episode, we look at some reasonable predictions for humanity’s future – involving artificial intelligence and technology evolutions, climate change, and overpopulation. Let’s discuss how to be best prepared Read More

Dealing with panic when starting a new job or relationship

Watch the video above, or read the unedit transcript below Right, looking like we’re live here on Facebook. Got a spontaneous one for you guys today. I just got a message from a friend of mine, who I’m going to keep anonymous. But basically, they’re about to start something new in the career space but are afraid how it’s going Read More

How to Stay Cool in High-Pressure Situations

THE RAPIST WAS ON THE LOOSE… Neill*, a serial kidnapper and potential rapist, had absconded from his Home Detention address. There was no GPS monitoring on his electronic ankle bracelet, so we had no idea where he’d gone. All we knew was what the forensic psychologist had warned us about when Neill was first released from prison – “If he Read More