The High-Achieving Perfectionist: Why nothing ever feels good enough

If you’re a high-achiever, or identify as a perfectionist, you’ll notice some problems have been recurring throughout your life. You always do a better job than is required. Even if you do really well you punish yourself for not having done it better. You procrastinate and avoid tasks if you don’t feel certain they’ll go well, or if they turn Read More

Why You Think You’re a Loser (How to Stop Feeling Not Good Enough)

Many people spend a majority of their time thinking of themselves as “not good enough” in some way. Some people even see themselves as a complete Loser – an identity that they cannot shake. But this negative view of yourself is flawed and inaccurate. The fact that you’re alive and well enough to listen to this podcast shows you can’t Read More

How to Stop Fear Controlling You

Our thoughts about an anxiety are always fear, terror or panic. These are the least likely ways that fear will prevent you from taking helpful action. It’s hard to deal with the fear.  It’s tricky, it uses manipulation techniques to control you. See these examples: – distraction (e.g. social media) – intimidation (e.g. perfectionism) – invalidation (e.g. not good enough) Read More