What if feels like to deal with a people-pleaser

The other day, I was in the gardening store trying to practice my Czech language skills. Unfortunately, the people-pleasing store clerk saw that I was struggling, and switched to English to ‘help’ me. Here’s what it felt like… ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions dan@brojo.org If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of Read More

The True Definition of ALPHA MALE, with Kevin Aillaud and Dan Munro

The term “alpha male” has often been misrepresented in the modern field of self-development for men. Often connotated with concepts like dominance, hoarding of resources, promiscuity, physical strength, and other misconceived interpretations of wildlife studies, the alpha male concept has led many men down a dark path toward neediness, manipulation and psychopathy. Meet causal coach Kevin Aillaud. He’s on a Read More

Why being a nice guy is bad

Watch the video above or read the blog post version below Being “nice” is a bad thing. As a former Nice Guy or should I say a recovering Nice Guy, who spent over two decades being incredibly nice, I speak with some authority when I say that being nice is a completely bullshit way of being. It actually does more Read More

How to recover from Nice Guy Syndrome, with coach Jason Miller

Jason Miller is a coach who helps guys recover from Nice Guy Syndrome. He has been trained by the original Nice Guy coach Dr Robert Glover, and also he knows what it’s like to spend most of your life with NG Syndrome. Listen to this podcast, where Jason shares his story of relationship disasters and self-worth struggles in his first Read More

The 4 Types Of “Nice Guys”

Nice Guy Syndrome is common around the whole world. But not every Nice Guy is the same, and knowing how you’re different to other Nice Guys will help focus you on your pathway to rediscovering authentic masculinity and confidence. This video was recorded for all Nice Guys, and also for their partners, to help you figure out the best way Read More

Are you a people-pleaser or Nice Guy? Take the quiz

Are you a Nice Guy or People Pleaser? I want to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions! I’m especially curious to hear from people constantly stuck in the friendzone, missing out on deep and meaningful relationships because they keep things too superficial. Read More

The Big Lie You Tell Yourself

I think you are a good person. You’re trustworthy and generally an honest person, right? In that case, you should be experiencing a fulfilling and open love-life, social life, and career. So why if you are honest and good person, you’re not being rewarded for it? There must be something that you’re not seeing…    

What 100 People Pleasers Say They Have In Common

This survey was conducted over the months of November-December 2017. It was a part of market research for my new program The Honesty Effect: 3X Your Social Confidence to Free Yourself from People Pleasing in Just 12 Weeks. More than 100 people responded, and I’ve analysed the results with my feedback in this podcast. If you identify as a People Pleaser, Read More

You think it’s GOOD to be “easy-going”???

There are so many people pleasers and Nice Guys I’ve coached over the last 5 years believe it’s good to be an “easy going” person. Many of them are raised to believe it’s bad to rock the boat or otherwise make other people feel sad. In this podcast I challenge the concept that being easy going is either good or Read More

What Type of People Pleaser Are You?

People pleasing is detrimental to both self-confidence and connection. It creates loneliness, frustration and missed opportunities. But there are many ways to be a people pleaser, and until you know which one could be you, you won’t know what to do about it. Explore with us the 4 types of people pleasing and what to do about each of them. Read More