Control Freaks: Our Dark Secrets

Many of us are self-described Control Freaks. We feel a great neediness for things to be done the “right” way (our way), for life to be problem-free and smooth, and for everything to “make sense”. When this stuff doesn’t happen, we tend to get very stressed and frustrated. In this episode, we look at the truth behind controlling mindsets and Read More

Letting Go of Outcomes vs. Giving Up Completely

Watch the video above or read the transcript below Is letting go of outcomes the same thing is giving up completely? No, it’s not. Ah, thanks for reading. Okay, so previous content of mine about letting go of outcomes confused some people. Maybe I wasn’t quite clear. People got the message that letting go of outcomes – letting go of Read More

Minimalism – How Having LESS Creates MORE Confidence

We have been raised to believe you need to acquire as much stuff as possible. You need more money, more clothes, more cars, more properties, more friends etc etc etc. And yet we’re possible the most depressed generation of humans ever to existed. Is getting heaps of stuff really the answer, or is it just a conspiracy of consumerism to Read More

Having Something “To Lose” is An Illusion

 You are trying to hold back and avoid taking risks because you’re worried to lose something, aren’t you? Approval and friendship. Money and property. Muscles and fitness. Status and reputation. These are all things that you might offer your integrity just to hold onto a little longer. You’ve got nothing to lose to listen this podcast.    

How to Stop Being Needy

There is only one thing stopping you from enjoying life and creating what you want: Neediness. If you chase something, it will always run away. If you try, you create failure. In this recording, we dig into the psychology of neediness and find out more of practical, realistic methods for reducing it, to give you more ideas about deep connections Read More

How to find The One

Do you believe you need to find a special partner and that you’re a loser if you’re not in a relationship? You try to figure out how to find The One. But what if that search is preventing you from finding love? Let’s investigate further. Read More

9 Tips For More Confident Conversations

After three months of social confidence coaching, one of my clients – “Martin” – made a major transformation. When Martin first came to me he was shy, unsure of himself, and frustrated about missing out on opportunities. He only felt safe to be himself when he was around his closest friends and family, and even then he still hid things, Read More

Why Give Without Getting Something in Return?

Sometimes I get questioned about this giver’s gain philosophy, e.g. “If you don’t get anything out of it, what’s the point?” The problem is that expecting something ‘in return’ creates an internal hole, one that cannot be filled by anything external. That empty hole inside, that people try to fill with recognition and validation, is simply the sensation / mental Read More