The Difference: Procrastination v Laziness

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below Today I want to talk about the concept of being lazy. Sometimes we like to think of it as procrastinating: constantly putting off something. Other times it’s more like an absence of motivation; an apathy about the task, an inability to get up and do it. However you define laziness, what Read More

Negative Motivation: How to Use Frustration, Guilt and Fear

Watch the video above, or read the written version below Most people think of motivation as a positive feeling – e.g. inspiration, excitement, passion – but unfortunately, they’re wrong. Today we’re going to talk about the secret to motivation, an understanding that will help push you forward and do all those things that you’ve always been meaning to do but Read More

7 Steps to Stop Procrastinating

Maybe you think of yourself as a lazy person. You’re constantly procrastinating on important (and difficult) tasks you should try to complete. Don’t worry, it’s just a mindset issue. Overcoming procrastination is as simple as following the 7 steps in the video above.

Self-Discipline: How to Deal with Lost Motivation

Get your questions personally answered by the BROJO Coaching team There you are facing fears and pushing the boundaries. Maybe you’re moving forward in your career, or conquering social circle goals, or enhancing your health through exercise and nutrition. Everything is going well. Then, suddenly – seemingly out of nowhere – you just stop caring. Performance drops off and Read More

You Don’t Need More Motivation

Most of us are sitting around hoping to achieve greater levels of motivation, courage and clarity before we can take the actions we wish to take. We want to be facing fear and getting on with what needs to be done. Procrastination often seems to be a problem requiring us to increase motivation. We feel like our emotions get in Read More

Why You Suddenly Lost Motivation

Suddenly find you’re too busy, tired or unmotivated to take action any more? Confused about why you stopped caring? Maybe you’ve been tricked by your own mind… Read More

How I Have Failed

  Most of the people I’ve met who have great ideas never get started. Why? Quite simply because they’re afraid to fail. We seem to believe that if it doesn’t work out the first time, there will be some sort of shameful disgrace; a punishment that’s not worth the risk. Time and again I’ve been frustrated as I watch people Read More

How To Deal With Stubborn People

I have some coaching techniques to share with you all today. Specifically, I’m going to talk about working through resistance with clients. My background is working in Corrections, so rehabilitating criminal offenders, and pretty much about 90% of them did not want to work with me. So I dealt with highly resistant clients. The people whose behavior I had to Read More

10 Secret Tips for Motivating Yourself

  Are you a procrastinator? Most people have a basic idea of what they want and at least a vague sense of how to get it. Yet each day millions of people avoid doing what they need to do to achieve their goals. We pay for gym memberships that we don’t use and eat junk-food we know is bad for Read More

“The Legendary Life” – free sample

    Hey guys, thanks for checking out your FREE chapter of The Legendary Life. If you enjoy it, pick yourself up a full copy here, only $9.95 with a lifetime guarantee (pretty sweet right?). And please share it around and help me promote the message of creating a better life for yourself.     Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivators Don’t Read More